Déjà Vu?

It’s the same thing over and over again. An event, or place or person that just repeats, and repeats, and repeats… Forever in our lives. To teach us a lesson? Maybe. Then I’m not learning very quickly. Days seem to melt away like molten silver; but they don’t refreeze in different shapes each time. They regenerate and restart like you’ve hit the rewind button on your old VCR. And sometimes you hit the pause button as well, just to send me spiraling down a road of insanity as you watch my brain whirl behind my eyes even though they can’t move.

I tie my shoelaces everyday. Cross, bunny ear, around, through, pull. It doesn’t stray from the same recipe each time, and you don’t even get the chance to add any spices of your own. Let me tell you about how baking isn’t my thing.

The virus has infected the people too; running around, saying they’re different when they all sport the exact same, shoe-laced shoes. Some of them might shine more than the others, or have light-up laces, but we all still have to tie them each and every morning.

We’re stuck in the same perpetual loops, and I don’t think they’re going to end anytime soon. Maybe, it gives us more time to learn. Maybe it gives us the chance to cope with our own insanity.

Maybe they’re here so we destroy ourselves.

{Hey guys, guess who’s back? And summer’s here, which means I should be back more frequently! I need to get used to posting on here, I can’t begin to tell you how therapeutic it is. Ah, so much stuff has happened in the last few months of school that I haven’t written a whole lot. Anyways, not sure what this is; I think it’s a means of coping with my own insanity after not having to go to school for the past few days. I forget how much I rely on it to distract me from things, which is probably not a good thing. I have not been in good space without it. Which is really ironic and slightly hypocritical, if you think about it in terms of everything I just wrote. 

Anyways, this was just a small blurb to get me back into the feel of writing, and I thought I’d try out the word-prompt! Thanks for reading, if you did, and see you in the next post!}

via Daily Prompt: Loop


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