Blurred Vision, Blurred Future

Vision’s blurred again, camera shaking,

Fingers trembling, unable to adjust the focus.

What was I even trying to take a picture of?

People walking past, their camera’s perfectly positioned in their hands,

Bending down to shoot the reflections in puddles, the raindrops on the roses.

Where was I even supposed to adjust the focus on this thing?

Shutter sounds echo around me,

Lenses flicking in and out.

Where was the zoom function again?

Without a second thought, my hand betrays me and throws the camera towards the ground. It shatters into thousands of pieces, small plastics and glass scattered throughout the damp grass.

I give up.

{Don’t give up kids, even if you want to! You’ll appreciate your goal more once you achieve it if it was challenging, and you’ll get there someday if you keep trying!}




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