New Year, New Lessons

Dear 2016,

Although there were good and bad times, I can certainly say I’m glad you’re over.

I’m not going to sit here and complain about how many tragic death’s there were, or about the whole of the world seemed to be slowly running down the drain. That’s not what a fresh start should really be about.

So without further ado, here’s a list of things I feel I need to remember and some things I really need to work on going into 2017.

1. People are going to move in and out of your life.

One huge event that hit me in the face this year was when one of my best friends (of about 9 years) was suddenly ripped from my life. I had been expecting it for a while, but it still hurt when the time came. I think I really need to remember that people come and go throughout life, and no one is going to be there forever. Things happen, people change, and everyone eventually gets swept away in the tides of busy lives.

2. It’s okay and normal to be upset.

Throughout the few deep talks I’ve been able to have over the past week, I’ve found out everyone is dealing with their own separate problems. Almost everyone I’ve talked to has some sort of deep-routed issues with themselves, their families, their friends. Everyone struggles to get through with the least amount of scratches, but in a forest full of roses it’s going to be impossible to get a few sores. Embrace that pain, and use it to create. It has the potential to be really beautiful.

3. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself.

Whatever it may be, I always struggle to speak up for myself. Whether it be a situation I’m finding unfair at home, something with a friend I want to talk about but I’m too scared to bring up, it’s usually going to be better to get it over with. When you wait, a lot of the times the problems build up until someone gives up. Don’t let it get that far unless it has to.

4. Tell your friends how much you appreciate them!

This one kind of ties in with the last one, but this is something I really struggle doing as well! It seems easy, but I often find myself writing in the notes on my phone about how much I really appreciate them, although I never seem to tell them. It just seems like something they should know.

5. Speaking of friends, they won’t “unfriend” you if you get bad grades. Oh, and an 80% isn’t really a bad grade.

Something I’ve really realised this year is that I have an irrational fear that if I get bad grades (basically anything under an 85%) I won’t have any friends left. I have no idea where that fantastic idea popped into my brain, but somewhere along the road it did. So far, I haven’t suddenly cut off friendships with people who’ve failed tests, and I have no plan of doing so anytime soon. I don’t think they do either, and if they did, what kind of friends would they be anyways? Plus, an 80% is not a bad grade. By lots of people, it would be considered a good grade. Be thankful for it!

6. Lots of people aren’t exactly social masterminds.

If the conversation isn’t flowing naturally, or something goes really awkwardly, don’t sweat it. Half the time people don’t notice, don’t care, or they’re too caught up in their own thoughts to realize you’re struggling to think of a conversation topic. Plus, they have just as much responsibility to start a conversation as you do. Don’t blame yourself if they’re not being responsive, and sometimes you just have to say that thing, even if you’re unsure of what their response will be.

7. Stop thinking about yourself all the time! It’s annoying!

Stop burying yourself in boulders of self-pity and get out there and live your life! Everyone has things they’re sad about or scared of, so stop pretending you’re the only one who deals with this kind of stuff. Think about what your friends might be going through. Give yourself up to other people, once in a while!

8. Stop rushing things. You have time to decide. Sort of.

University and adulthood aren’t here yet. Don’t stress out about what you’re going to be, what you want to be, whether you can be that thing, or whether you’ll end up living in a box. Plenty of people don’t even realize what they want to do until they get into university, and plenty of them still make it. There are so many extremely successful people who drop out of college and pursue something else, and still manage to create a life and a career for themselves. Don’t worry too much about it just yet.

9. Whatever you do, don’t stop working on your hobbies.

Hobbies make up what you are. Whether it’s reading, writing, drawing, playing piano, taking pictures — whatever it is, you can never stop. It opens so many doors for your future, and they benefit you so much. They make up a lot of who you are, and to give that away would probably crush you.

10. Find that perfect medium between caring and not-caring.

Throughout the year you’ve gone through phases of caring and carelessness — and trust me, too much of either did not work out for you. Somehow, finding the happy medium between caring enough about school that you study and try, but not caring enough that if you get a bad grade your life won’t fall apart. It can be said about practically any part of your life, and so it would probably be a great thing to learn to manage to make the most out of 2017.

So there’s my list! It’s quite a lot, some of the things I’ve learnt — but there are so many more things yet to be learnt. It’s good to take the time to write out things you’d like to achieve, even if their not physical goals, and it’s definitely beneficial to go back and think about all the lessons learnt throughout this rollercoaster of a year.

Is there anything you’re glad you learnt this year? I’d love to know!

Anyways, thanks so much for reading, and happy New Years everyone!







  1. Awe! You have made my 2016 year so amazing! I don’t tell you enough (Haha see, I have the same problem) but you are one of the best people that I have ever met! You have been there for me no matter what and you always put others first. I hope 2017 shines bright for you, because you goddamn deserve it. Love you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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