Be Careful of What You Wish For…

{So, this is just a short poem I wrote late at night when my eyelids were being dragged to the floor and my brain was zoning out like an unfocused camera displaying city lights and hair caught in fingers.}

I wish it would leave,

The thoughts swarming in my head,

The ache in my gut,

My feet filled with lead.

As far away from humanity,

I would go if I could,

If my knees weren’t so wobbly,

If they finally understood.

Every sound like an explosion,

Every tick, every tock,

As my head spins faster,

And my breathing stops.

I wish it would leave,

It’s devious embrace,

This monster, engulfing me,

Makes me fear my own race.

As I slice my skin open,

And everything pours out,

A smile on its face,

“Where would you be without?

Your mind would not function,

You’d be the newest walking-dead,

Your veins you’d slice open,

And your blood — already bled!

For without me, you’re nothing,

But a stumbling, bumbling corpse,

So be careful what you wish for,

Or it just might take course.”

{Hope you enjoyed, and thanks so much for reading!}


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