A Letter for a New Teacher

Dear newest teacher,

Hello, it looks like I’m going to be in your class this year. First of all, excuse me if I come off as rude or uninterested in whatever subject you may be teaching; I can promise you I most certainly am. However, my anxieties and inner-workings prevent me from ever raising my hand, or willingly speaking in front of the class. I don’t ask you to be a good mentor, or to reach out to me on a personal level for I, in fact, wish for the exact opposite. For some students, joking around and getting to know each other on a personal level is part of the classroom dynamics, however, I’d prefer if our relationship remained strictly business. Talking to you in a joking manner is something I am completely incapable of, again thanks to the thoughts that tell me anyone older than me should be feared. If I could ask one thing of you, however, it is that you don’t prey on me during class. I don’t have the capability to be called out during class without reliving that moment over and over in my mind until I fall asleep that night. A rabbit being forced to communicate with a wolf is what we will become the moment you call me out that first time. That being said, every time you do a homework check, I will be prepared. Every exam, test, and quiz, I will do my absolute best in. I will achieve a high average, especially compared to those who deem you unimportant, and I am prepared to work for it. As long as I do not become a rabbit for you to toy with until you make the final blow, I will gladly criss-cross paths with you for this school year.

All the best,

A devoted student.



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