I’m Going on an Adventure!

Here I go again! Today is the day I leave for yet another summer cottage! This one, however, has probably been what my entire year has been leading up to. After going to a couple of friend’s cottage last year, I instantly fell in love. Not in the sense you would probably think, but with the location and memories I’d created there. Not only do I feel more welcome in their family than I do amongst my own uncles and grandmas, but the location of the cottage itself was actually breathtaking. We’d play manhunt all day, those two friends of mine, their cousins and I practically relying on the adrenaline to keep us alive and functioning normally, even despite getting almost no sleep. After we’d finally finished with the land-games and swimming during the day, and the sun had set in a beautiful mirage of pastel paint-strokes, we’d watch movies (usually Iron Man because of one of the cousin’s refusal to watch Lord of the Rings…) and eat popcorn, until around midnight. Then, instead of going to sleep like all the other cottage-dwellers, we’d get back into our damp swimsuits, and run into the freezing lake under the light of the sparkling moon and tiny stars. Soon after that, when someone had either frozen to death or was too scared about being murdered in the dark, we’d retreat back into our cabin until our hair was dry and we were toasty warm. Another movie passes by, me being yelled at for talking so much during all the important scenes, we’d finally get to sleep.

To be honest, it left me in such a daze last year, that I’m not sure if I went even a day without reminiscing on a conversation I had, the way someone looked as you crept up on them during a game, or the way the sky seemed so much more vast than in the city. So, you could say being invited back was something I was wishing for every time an 11:11 came around, or I won a wish bone game, or I saw the first star in the night sky.

However, I’m also kind of scared. I mean, I am going to this same place expecting to be greeted by the same faces, unchanged. Hoping to hear the same squeaky voices of the younger kids, even though there’s a complete chance their adorable voices had been swapped for lower ones while I hadn’t seen them throughout the year. There’s a chance that they won’t want to play manhunt everyday. There’s a chance that we wont have Nutella wars, or that the moon will be hidden by a cloud on most nights. So, trying to lower my hopes is definitely something I’m going to have to go through on the way there. Just in case.

Anyways, that’s just a little update on what’s happening for me right now. I’ve scheduled a bunch of posts every week, so although I won’t be able to respond to comments or anything, I’ll still (sorta) be here. Thanks so much for reading, and talk to you in a few weeks!



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