After a Storm, Comes a Rainbow

Rain couldn’t help herself as Thunder continued to ramble on and on about how Rain and her sister Lightning kept messing with everything he owned. His new-found pet eagle had nearly been plucked of all his feathers by the two sisters before Thunder had come in, eyes blaring red and mouth turned into a vicious frown. Rain rolled her eyes as her angry brother rambled on and on in his booming voice, beginning to shout now.

“You both are always ruining all of my stuff, and you never leave me alone! I hate both of you! Look,” he held the brown eagle by the neck, its body flailed out before realizing it had no chance against Thunder’s giant fingers. Its claws rested over his fingers, trying to pry them off as the god-child spoke. His chest rose and fell faster than Rain would have thought possible.

The bird was going to choke.

“Look, Baldy barely has any feathers because of you! How is he going to be able to fly? Useless!” He screamed, voice hoarse from all the yelling. To Rain’s horror, his fist tightened as he screamed, the poor bird’s neck snapping with a horrifying pop.

Thunder looked over at the bird, and his brows furrowed. “B-Baldy?” The bird just dangled there, his head bent at an odd angle.

“You,” he pointed to Rain with a thick finger, “and you,” he pointed to Lightning.

“Both of you,” his eyes flared red, “I hate you!” He screamed again, low voice echoing through the clouds like boulders tumbling over one another.

He launched himself with muscly legs, flying toward Rain. With a gasp she threw herself to the side, slender body rolling against the cloudy floor. Lightning let out a quick, “hey!” and bolted toward Thunder quicker than a jackrabbit could run. Rain couldn’t help herself when she felt tears at the corners of her eyes and the sting in her nose, and before she knew it, she was sobbing into her hands.

Why did she always fight with her siblings? Lightning wasn’t even the problem, it was just Thunder’s anger that always seemed to cause a rift between them. As for that poor bird, she thought, with a glance towards it—

Lightning was hitting at Thunder with swift movements, Thunder backing up slowly causing the ground beneath him to shake and grumble.

Suddenly, a bolt of light shot towards Thunder, who moved his hands to shield his face. To Rain’s shock, the bolt hit the eagle still held in Thunder’s massive hand. With a startled jump, he released the bird, who seemed to be buzzing with electricity. Blue and orange sparks ran up to his head, and the feathers they touched seemed to go white.

The eagle fell to the ground in a heap, wings splayed across the soft ground. With renewed vigour, Thunder charged toward Lightning, sending the ground into turmoil. While they kept at each other, Rain crawled over to where her brother had dropped the bird. When she reached its body, she pulled the limp creature onto her lap and wept for it. She wept for the guilt she felt at teasing it earlier — maybe if she had just let it be, Thunder wouldn’t have killed him by accident — in fact, if she had let it be, Thunder probably wouldn’t have even gotten angry in the first place.

As she wept over his body, her tears fell onto him and, to her astonishment, he moved his head. As if his neck had suddenly melded back into place, he blinked, and raised his now-white head to gaze at Rain. Her jaw dropped— she had thought her life-brining abilities had been limited to shrubs and flowers, sometimes being able to save a tree if she worked extra hard. But this time, for once, she had saved a bird.

And he was pretty big, too.

“Th-Thunder, look!” She called out to him, hoping that if he noticed that his bird was back he would calm down.

She rose, and as she moved her hands, the white-headed eagle clambered onto her finger.

“Thunder!” She yelled, this time louder. He glanced over, eyes widening, before Lightning struck again, thinking Thunder meant to charge at Rain.

“Lightning, stop! Both of you, look!”

They eyed each other before both cautiously putting their hands down, and turning to face Rain. Both of their eyes lit up as they saw the eagle on her finger; perfectly well and squeaking as if trying to fend them off.

“Wha- how did you do that?” Thunder exclaimed.

“I have no idea, actually,” Rain  responded with a sniffle, “but I’m sending him back, alright? He doesn’t belong here. And I’m sorry I messed with your things, brother. You know Lightning and so just get carried away.”

Lightning looked toward the floor, too stubborn to admit she was sorry.

“What she said,” she stated, towards the ground. Almost as if some poltergeist had lifted its control, Thunder’s eyes cleared. The black clouds beneath his feet faded back to white, and once again the wind kept the floor moving under their feet.

“Baldy?” Thunder held out his hand tentatively. The bird squawked and flew over his head, careful to stay out of his reach, but also careful not to make the thunder-god angry.

“Baldy, you’re back!” His laughter filled and echoed off the clouds.

“Rain is right though, he needs to go home.” Commented Lighning, with a squeaky voice.

Rain held out her hand and the eagle perched himself upon it, trusting her more than any of the others.

“Goodbye, my friend.” She whispered, before clearing a spot in the clouds, and sending the bird through, and array of colours dancing off the edges of his feathers.

“Goodbye, Baldy,” Thunder yelled after him, “come visit soon!”

And with that, all that was evidence of the fight, was the arc of colours streaming across the sky.

Hello, everyone! I’m still alive! Currently I’m out at a family’s cottage, and there’s no wifi (sadly). Therefore, I haven’t been posting. I’ll be back soon however, and posts will become more frequent! Talk to you all later!

(And thank you to my friend, the Giraffe Who Likes Coffee, for giving me this idea to get out of a writing block!) 



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