Equipped With Knives, Yet None Are Sharp?!

“Equipped with knives, yet none are sharp.”

This quote shows exactly how my life seems to be playing out at the moment, and with having to choose a career path coming up relatively quickly, it is becoming more and more pressing to become well-comfortable and talented in one area or subject. The problem with that is I seem to be pretty adequate in everything, but not particularly

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talented in any one thing. I would say I am relatively sufficient in writing, photography, visual arts. I’m even an adequate swimmer! The problem with this is, how am I supposed to win the race, if I’m trying to swim two different directions at the same time? Most people have one area or specialty that they would be perfectly content in pursuing as a career, an area of expertise that they are already adequate in, and are improving constantly in. Even during school, I have been doing relatively well in every course. (Knock on wood!) While this might be a good thing, it does not help me in deciding what exactly I’d like to do in life. Maybe it is possible to do more than one thing, but from every person with a career I seem to have met, they have stuck with the same career most of

Guess it’s time for me to walk the path of life?!

their lives.

So, I have one question: Does the saying go “Jack of trades, master of none.” or “Jack of trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.”? I’m really hoping the latter is true, because at this point, keeping my options open seems to be the best route.




  1. Considering the level of Competition in today’s time until you master something there is just no worth of your skills… ‘Good is merely plenty’ What the world looks for is “Excellence”!!

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