You Are Worth It.

Read the title again, and tell me this: Do you believe it?

I can tell you that I’m sure many of you said no. I’m here to prove you wrong.

Let’s start with a story…

Once upon a time, there was a girl. This was no ordinary girl, however. This girl was a fighter. Her childhood was filled with tragedies, death, unhappiness and utter destruction. They seemed to follow her around like a moth attracted to light; she just couldn’t shake them. Thankfully at the age of around eighty years old, the girl had finally made it mostly through. She had made a difference in the world, seen people grow up and become successful, defeated cancer, and managed to raise a healthy family all the while. She was truly a fighter, and nobody could ever live up to what she had accomplished.

I met her today.

I met the fighter. Today! Today was the day I met one of the bravest people I’ll probably ever have the chance of meeting.

Can you guess what she told me?

That I was perfect.

But that made absolutely zero sense. I literally panicked about everything, spent most of my time writing things that didn’t even make sense, and taking useless pictures of leaves that no one cared about. I was literally the most useless human in existence. I can barely cook an egg for goodness sake! How the hell am I perfect?! Was this lady insane?!

The answer of course, was that maybe she was insane. She might have been insane for looking at me, and seeing a whole new world. Seeing a future, no matter how bright. Seeing another girl, much like the one she had been when she was younger, but one with a supporting family and loving friends. Seeing a healthy human being.

But most of all, I think, was that she saw a mind. She saw a mind that was capable of its own thoughts. A mind that held emotions and one that was layered and layered in webs of personalities, intertwining with other people’s lives. She truly thought I was perfect, purely because I existed. 

That’s why you’re worth it. You are so worth it, because you have a mind and you’re capable of thought and emotion. You can make decisions (even though they might not always be the best ones, they still are) and you can learn. You can learn from everything you do, every choice you make. You are capable of finding your purpose, of being successful, and of being happy. Because you are perfect. If not to yourself, to our fighter. To me.

You are so perfect. 




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