I Believe… But Do You?

Today, I’m going to answer a question all of you have probably asked yourselves over and over (and if you’re like me, probably more often than humanly possible). It’s a question, or rather a story humans have been wondering about since the dawn of their existence. And that story, is the myth of creation. Now, I’m not about to tell you exactly how the earth was created. I don’t know if the Big Bang was real, or whether God created us. Maybe it was many gods. Maybe we were experiments of another alien species. Maybe we still are. What I’d like to talk about is the myths we’ve created surrounding our creation, and why every single one of them is right. How is that possible? I’ve figured it out– I’ve figured it all out. And the answer will either blow you away or have no effect on you at all.

First of all, ask yourself one question: What religion are you apart of? By ‘apart of’ I don’t mean belong to, what religion do you believe in? You might go to church, but do you honestly believe in that? If so, great, that’s your answer. If not, then whatever religion you go to church for is not the answer I’m looking for. Maybe you’re not even sure if what you believe in has a tittle; maybe you just don’t believe in anything. Just think of your belief system. Notice how you believe itIf you believe it, it seems quite real to you, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly how every single one of your beliefs is real. It’s how every religion is right. Because whatever you believe becomes your reality, doesn’t it?

Just in case this isn’t making sense, imagine this. You’re in your bedroom; it’s around midnight. All the lights are off, but you can’t seem to sleep. Your thoughts keep drifting to your closet… For some reason you can’t get rid of the belief that something might be behind it. Something unwanted, unloved and definitely not pretty. A demon with huge teeth and a scarred forehead seems to be the image your mind keeps conjuring. Even though you keep trying, you can’t seem to convince yourself that there’s nothing there. Your body doesn’t want to sleep; because of your belief it has decided to become stiff and suddenly the blanket becomes too hot against your body. But to take it off would be to give yourself away to the horrid monster. So you lie there, uncomfortable, jumping at every creek the floor makes, until sleep finally envelopes you. In this story, you believed (even if you didn’t want to) that there was a monster in your closet. Because of your belief, it suddenly became very real. Just with a simple thought, you altered your own reality. Your body began to sweat and become tense as if it were real, just because you had had a thought that transformed into a belief.

This can really happen in any situation. Have you ever been involved in a conflict with someone else because you each had conflicting opinions? This is because each of you believed a different thing. Because you believed it, it became your reality and it was right to you. Even in a simple situation such as being with a friend; one of you may think the bus stop is a block to the right, the other one thinking it is a block to the left. Because you each believe it, it becomes your reality. As soon as the other person is proven right, your belief is shattered and their belief becomes your reality. You can apply this theory to any situation, and from what I’ve come up with, it works every time. But, you could argue that I believe it and I haven’t been proven wrong…

Religion works in the same way. As none, or all of it, has proof, anything is reality. As soon as you believe it, it becomes your truth. This isn’t to say, however, that it becomes everyone’s reality. Just because you believe that something is real doesn’t mean other people believe it to. You each have different opinions, but because you each believe them so strongly, your life seems to change because of it and it becomes real from your perspective. 

In this way you can also choose then to believe that nothing is reality; or everything is reality. It all depends on whether or not you believe it. As soon as you do, it becomes real to you. Technically we can only believe things that haven’t been proven wrong to us, (or proven to us in a way we can understand) and therefore everything is possible that hasn’t been proven wrong. In other words, everything is possible except for the impossible (if you believe it’s impossible). And even so, there is usually a way around that proof if your passionate enough to find it.

This is a realization that has helped me a lot. As soon as you realize it (believe it even, might I say) you realize anything is possible. The self-doubts you have? They were the result of a belief you have about your failure. Overcome those, and you will always be successful because you won’t believe in failure. Beliefs are a very influential thing: If you change the way you think, you can change your entire life. It just starts with a thought.




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