Overworking and Self Care

What is success anymore? I’m so young, I’m so young… but I haven’t done anything yet. There are people my age out there who have published books, started companies, been accepted to prestigious schools. There are so many people out there who’ve already started doing so many things, their lives can only keep going uphill from here. They’re already […]

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A Happy Little Existence

School is almost starting once again, and therefore we must brace ourselves with the stress and complications that come with that. I know personally, that as soon as the winter season starts, I get stifled by the amount of stress I’m under, which often causes my thoughts to turn rash and harmful. Because of that, […]

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Getting Hurt is a Part of Life

Sometimes I really wish I was a turtle. Or a snail, crab… armadillo maybe. Something with a hard exterior. Something which could protect the naive, fleshy and fragile interior. Something that could put up a defense when it needed to; throw up walls, create a barrier. But my flesh is closer in delicacy to a […]

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Instinctual Letters

I don’t remember how to follow my instincts anymore. It’s supposed to be this natural thing, an action which takes no thought and no consideration to undertake. Something that you don’t even process you’re doing before it’s done and the words are typed out on the screen and the cursor is flashing at you, screaming […]

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Being Lost is Part of the Fun

Why am I still here? Quite a daunting question, isn’t it? Although when you think about it in terms of the blogging world it becomes significantly less of an existential crisis. Of course I’m talking about blogging, because if my avocado toast in the morning wasn’t millennial enough of me I thought I might as well hop […]

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Parachuting… and Croccodiles

It’s hard not to feel like you’re floating sometimes. It is for me, anyways. And I don’t mean floating like belly up in an algae-filled tank, gaping mouth unable to clench and rotting stench giving you away to everyone by the riverbank. I mean like, parachuting. Parachuting downwards from a big mountain, where it’s warm […]

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Passion & Time

I wonder if there’s only a certain amount of passion in people. You’d think, when someone finds something they love they’d be able to spend countless energy on that subject and still have the energy to do whatever else they had to. They’d be able to do that sport, that hobby, that instrument, and still […]

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